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Our Process


We spend the beginning of every project working to understand your brand, audience and desired outcomes. We can develop concept pitches from scratch or help you flesh out an existing idea. The aim is to lay the foundation for a final product that aligns with your vision and goals. 



It's a cliche, but it's true: time is money. So we keep efficiency front of mind every step of the way. In addition to executing the work, we'll also serve as project manager and point of contact, handling the logistics and crew, and structuring time spent in production to maximize the content captured.

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We'll provide a batch of final files optimized for your preferred hosting platform along with custom thumbnail graphics, corresponding closed caption files and even alternate short versions tailored for social media.

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We share everything, including a love of storytelling, so we made it the family business. 

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Perhaps it was inevitable that we ended up running a production company together because our first meeting occurred on a short film set. That was all the way back in 2007 and the years since have brought a cat, a dog, marriage, and a daughter with an endless supply of energy.
As we've built a life together over the past 16 years, the two of us have also collected a unique and potent mix of skill sets that we've put to work for a diverse array of clients across a variety of industries and verticals.
Matt brings over 2 decades of experience crafting stylish, cinematic content while also serving as a corporate marketing project manager, handling large scale marketing campaigns for tech industry clients. Amparo honed her expert producing skills through years working in business development, customer success, sales enablement and revenue operations.

Together, we can provide your organization with engaging, effective visuals that get results.

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